The Friend Zone

Tonight, a phrase came across my mind that I am surprised I haven’t been hearing a lot lately. In fact, until this moment, I hadn’t thought of “the friend zone” once. It’s funny, I can remember a time when that concept just killed me…the absolute dread of hearing your friend try to convince you that the girl you love looks at you completely platonically…the stubborn denial and voluntary continuation of your torture…trying to play it cool until your heart just gives out and you clumsily profess your love to a mortified girl who just really cares about you, but not “in that way.” It’s an experience I’m all too familiar with. But that was before I had experienced a mutual love…a reciprocal lust…a shared passion that I have since lived out. And now I find myself thinking…my current situation…is this the friend zone? Immediately, I’m back in high school again. But I think about it. Back then, I wasn’t sure I knew what “real” love was…naive to think that there was such a thing as “real” or “fake” love…fearful that maybe my heart just always confused a good friendship with a girl as a romantic attraction that was destined for true love.